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Do you like to do exercise? Here an Useful Equipment for You!

2017/12/19 8:54:11
China Factory Custom Universe Inflatable Air Track for gymnastics tumbling yoga, taekwondo
YL Inflatable Gym Air Trackmade of DWF and PVC material, is an ideal replacement for traditional sponge mats for different training purposes.(Tumbling, yoga, dancing, taekwondo, gymnastics, running...)

Inflatable Gym Air Track

It can be used for long time after on-time inflation by a mini air bump, also can be folded after deflation so that you can take it everywhere! 


★ Deflating and Inflating done within 4 minutes

★ Easy storage and portability, no wasting space.

★ Good air tightness, long duration after one-time inflation.

★ Good bounce: it will not easily deform and its bounce can help you jump higher.

There is an interesting video about demonstrations of inflatable air track.

What happened? Why they had such poses? Click here to have a look! 

Guangzhou YL Inflatables Limited

  December 18, 2017