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Summer Fun - Water Climb Sport Game!

2018/1/6 8:20:54
inflatable iceberg water toy combines water with climbing sports, and brings a cool sports fun. Participants in water climbing game will not have pain of falling down, and over sweat in hot summer, just experience the fun of climb from the bottom

At the beginning of the new year, we are happy to have got a surprise from a Spain customer, Chris,  who shared a picture of our product - Inflatable Water Iceberg.

In September of last year, Chris bought an Inflatable Water Iceberg from us for a swimming pool. Although the feedback is late, he shows great sactisfaction about the water iceberg. Thanks to the new product, the swallow end of the pool attracted more people, specially swimming-beginners. He thinks our factory price is reasonable and competitive, and  
quality proved to be realiable after long-time test. He said that would be an good investment and considered to order more cheap water toys for this summer project. 


YL Inflatable Floating Water Iceberg is a simple and funny climbing water toy. It can be used individually, or combinedly with water trampolines, water slides and water totters,etc. It adopts high quality Plato PVC material, which features non-toxic and non-smell and has tested through ISO, EN-71、ROHS standard. 


Climbing is a popular sports for many young people, but they have few chances to be involved in outdoor climbing, let alone the high-charged climbing game with game facilities and location rent. 


 However, Inflatable iceberg water toy mixes climbing into water , and brings a cool and safe water sports . Participants in water climbing will not have pain of falling down, and will not over sweat in hot summer, just experience the fun to climb from the bottom to the top, then plunge into the water.